Born 1981, currently lives and works between Seoul, Korea and New York, US.

2011 MFA Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts, New York, US
2008 BFA Sculpture, Hongik University, Seoul, KR

Solo Exhibitions
Clove Hitch, Timothy Hawkinson Gallery, Los Angeles, US

First Echo, One And J Gallery, Seoul, KR
Double Sided, CR Collective, Seoul, KR

A Pause On The Arc, Doosan Gallery, Seoul, KR
The Moon Is Yawning, Marc Straus Gallery, New York, US
Wind Rose, Doosan Gallery, New York, US

Sunstone, Sabrina Amrani Gallery, Madrid, ES
Light and Rock, Marc Straus Gallery hosted by Richard Koh Fine Art, Singapore, SG
Jong Oh, Lora Reynolds Gallery, Austin, US

Corner Dialogue, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, KR
Jong Oh, Marc Straus Gallery, New York, US
Windward, Jochen Hempel Gallery, Berlin, DE
Lodestar, Sabrina Amrani Gallery, Madrid, ES

Half Hitch, Ideobox Artspace, Miami, US

Jong Oh, Marc Straus Gallery, New York, US
Sotto Voce, UCONN Contemporary Art Galleries, Connecticut, US

Lodestone, Jochen Hempel Gallery, Leipzig, DE
AIR, Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna, AT

Lodestone, MARSO Foundation, Mexico City, MX

Tintinnabulation, Marc Straus Gallery, New York, US
Jong Oh, Jochen Hempel Gallery, Berlin, DE

Jong Oh, Marc Straus Gallery, New York, US
Position, Reposition, Musee Miniscule, Art in General, New York, US

Group Exhibitions
A Place Between Rhythm And Rhythm, Choi Man Lin Museum, Seoul, KR
Warped Mesh, Gallery SP, Seoul, KR

Mass Without Gaps, Ilwoo Space, Seoul, KR
Matter-Affect, No No Gallery, Lisbon, PT
Strange Loop For Marcet, Seongbuk Young Art Sapce, Seoul, KR
Why Not Korea?, Universidad de Malaga, Malaga, ES

Long Story Short, Sabrina Amrani Gallery, Madrid, ES
As Known As, Nook Gallery, Seoul, KR
Catorce Relatos Breves, Centro Cultural Casa de Vacas, Madrid, ES
The Snark: Suddenly Vanishing Away, Gallery 2, Seoul, KR

Song Eun Art Awards, Song Eun Art Space, Seoul, KR
Hare Way Object, Deoksugung Palace, Seoul, KR
Pencil & Cat, Humor Gamgak, Seoul, KR
Haven Of Light, P21, Seoul, KR
Ver Versus Ver, Sabrina Amrani Gallery, Madrid, ES
Walking Through The Fields Of History, Jochen Hempel Gallery, Leipzig, DE

Geometry, beyond Simplicity, Museum SAN, Weonju, KR
Negative Space, ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, DE
Linha Atemporal, Dan Gallery, Sao Paulo, BR
Espace Et Tension, Denise Rene Gallery, Paris, FR
How We Live, Hudson Valley Moca, New York, US
Contemporary Korean Abstract: Series Two, Chapter II, Seoul, KR

Sculpting With Air, DeCordova Museum, Massachusetts, US
Point Counter Point, Art Sonje Center, Seoul, KR
Everyday Is A Good Day, Spiral, Tokyo, JP
Spiele Mit Der Ewigkeit, Grimmuseum, Berlin, DE
Depot, Jochen Hempel Gallery, Leipzig, DE

Between I & Thou, Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, New York, US
The White Heat, Marc Straus Gallery, New York, US
You Are A Space, Nook Gallery, Seoul, KR

The Global South: Visions and Revisions, Saludarte Foundation, Miami, US
Dialogue, MARSO Foundation, Mexico City, MX
The Apotheosis Of The Fish Market, Marc Straus Annex, New York, US

Spaceliner, ARTER, Istanbul, TR
Dealing With Surfaces, GAK, Bremen, DE
Floating And Sinking, Gallery Factory, Seoul, KR
Meeting Point, Korean Cultural Center, Washington DC, US
Barely There, Lesley Heller Workspace, New York, US
Gray Would Be The Color, If I Had A Heart., Marc Straus Gallery, New York, US

Installation View, Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden, Wiesbaden, DE
On What There Might Not Be, Galería Libertad, Querétaro, MX
Xigue-Xigue, Marc Straus Gallery, New York, US
Extending The Line 3D, C. Grimaldis Gallery, Baltimore, US
Along The Lines, Marc Straus Gallery, New York, US
On What There Might Not Be, MARSO Foundation, Mexico City, MX

Superposition: Observing Realities, Trinity Museum, New York, US
On Deck, Marc Straus Gallery, New York, US
Tugged, Kabinett, Hannover, DE
Nothing and Everything, Marc Straus Gallery, New York, US

8 Artsits Making Sculpture, BRIC, New York, US
The Itinerary of Mobility and Translation, Korean Cultural Service, New York, US
Divided By Zero, Artgate Gallery, New York, US
Home, The Willows, New York, US

First Look III, Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, New York, US
Status! Status! Status!, Interstate Projects, New York, US
Imprecise Geometry, 308 at 156 Project Artspace, New York, US
Fragmentation, Stephan Stoyanov Gallery, New York, US
Urban Legend, Vaudeville Park, New York, US

Subtle Anxiety, Doosan Gallery, New York, US
More and Less, SVA Gallery, New York, US

Grants, Awards & Residencies
33rd Kimsechoong Sculpture Award (Young Sculptor part), Kimsechoong Museum, Seoul, KR

Doosan Residency, Yonkang Foundation, New York, US
20th Song Eun Art Award (Excellence Prize), Song Eun Art and Cultural Foundation, Seoul, KR

El Nucleo Residency, SZ Foundation, Segovia, ES
CCA Residecny, CCA Andratx, Mallorca, ES

MARSO Residency, MARSO Foundation, Mexico City, MX

Krinzinger Residency, Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna, AT
Peekskill Waterfornt Public Sculpture, New York, US

LMCC Residency, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, New York, US
Grant for Artist in Residence Abroad Program, Arts Council Korea, Seoul, KR


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